Coci, Brooklyn 2012

Coci, Brooklyn 2012

When I first started documenting the Forbidden Ones, MC I wasn’t sure what I would encounter.  I had always ridden alone, and after going 3 years without a motorcycle all I wanted to do was understand what it was like to ride with a group.

There are numerous motorcycle clubs that cruise the streets of New York City.  Each one has its  home in a particular neighborhood.  Each one, its own patches, its own colors, its unique character.

Here is a look at a motorcycle club that found itself in the midst of great change both on its home turf and within its own membership.  The period it covers is tumultuous.

The photos of the Forbidden Ones, MC represent an attempt to understand one motorcycle club on the basis of who they are as seen by me.  Incomplete as that perspective may be, it was important to work independent of stereotypes.  

Much has been made public.  Even more has been withheld and spoken of only within its members. Never having been a member, I was never privy to any of it except through murmurs of an everyday nature. The nature of which might speak for itself.